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“My Passion and Purpose is restoring women to wellness around the world.”     Bella K. Icenhower, ND

Let me share with you my profession as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in practice over 18 years. 

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 Finding the Cause and Eliminating Disease

Genetic/Epigenetic DNA Mutations • Autoimmune Disorders  • PMS • Anxiety • Moodiness • Peri-menopause • Menopause • Infertility • Brain Fog • No Libido • Aging • Cardiovascular Inflammation • Gastro/intestinal disorders • Neurological disorders • Adrenal insufficiency • Thyroid/Glandular disorder •Osteoporosis • Weight imbalance •Fatigue • Hair loss • Dry skin 

Did I mention INSOMNIA?

images-17Imagine being transported out of today’s hurry-up ‘disease management’ system into a comfortable, relaxed and easy girl-to-girl talk where we generously take time to learn your herstory, apply my knowledge, experience, tools of cutting-edge medical diagnostics and research to get to the root cause of imbalance and disease. As an integrative naturopathic doctor, I work with your gynecologist, primary care and or other specialist when need be to aid in insurance coverage for labs, physical exams, etc. I work with the WHOLE body; the body is not compartmentalized, rather interconnected from head to toe. What affects one part will eventually affect the whole–as a wave passing through the body. I prescribe progressive and traditional natural medicine in which the manufacturing processes meet and exceed federal dietary supplement cGMP. Prescribing self-designed products would be a conflict of interest and a disservice as, fortunately, the orthomolecular field of research is continually growing with new discoveries by the minute!

Dr. Bella Icenhower, Naturopathic DoctorNaturopathic Doctors are the Premier #FunctionalMedicine #Biomedical Doctors. We study the pathophysiological causes of disease from the minute we begin our medical training; we concurrently study for 4-5 years Clinical Nutritional Science, Orthomolecular medicine and the therapeutic use of Natural Western Botanical, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicine on top of all the basic sciences of any medical program. We then complete 2+ more years of clinical/residential training with naturopathic medical experts in our fields of interest.  No other type of doctor has this depth of  formal doctorate training from the get go. If a standard of care doctor would like to tout ‘holistic, integrative, functional and or alternative’, completing certification programs (usually hosted by a specific supplement, online ‘Institute’ or pharmaceutical company) etc. do not surmount to the full indoctrination of Naturopathic Medicine- a licensed doctorate level degree with clinical training. With the vitality of the body, the support of natural medicine tailored specific to you and a well learned Naturopathic Doctor, healing can begin.

Restoring • Rejuvenating •  Replenishing 

Your Health and Vitality • Weight loss is Simple •  Pain / Inflammation Vanishes • Fatigue transforms into Energy • Hormone Swings become Balanced • Insomnia becomes nights of Deep Sleep • Age Gracefully

Disease Becomes Wellness.



637 S Bois D Arc Ave, Tyler, TEXAS 75701


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Are you ready roll up your sleeves and recover from feeling FAT, FATIGUED, AND FRUMPY I am honored to assist you to #HACKHEALTHCARE and embrace Life by being Energized, Healthy and Happy! I am truly honored and grateful to work with each woman and their amazing uniqueness. I take your health and trust to heart.  I am your personal #helpdesk.

Kindly, Dr. Bella ~

 I am your Best Naturopathic Doctor:


~In helping women learn how to care for themselves through the demands of life. I have found in my 14 years of practice that many women by the age of 50 are spent, tired, exhausted, depleted… If this is you, I work to Restore, Rejuvenate and Replenish your health and vitality.  My desire is to catch women in their 20s, 30s and 40s who may be headed down this spiraling path and redirect them, gently. The body is amazing in its desire to heal and Be Well.

~In being available Globally, Virtually. With today’s universal access to the World Wide Web, I have made a Virtual Practice.  People are on the go and need easy access to naturopathic medicine that is tailored specifically and uniquely to them.  I work within the United States and around the world via FacetimeSkype, phone, and secure HIPAA compliant email. With today’s online HIPAA compliant technology, I am able to work securely to resolve health issues many times over look by standard of care medicine. I go beyond standard of care for each of my patients.

Let me provide for you 

the Best Naturopathic Medicine.



637 S Bois D Arc Ave, Tyler, TEXAS 75701


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