Women’s Health

Women’s Health Care Beyond Standard Medicine

Women who do best with my care:

  • Would like to not rely on unnecessary drugs and medical intervention for the rest of their lives;
  • Are interested in discovering the underlying cause of their imbalance, rather than suppressing symptoms;
  • Are motivated to play an active role in their own healing process; and,
  • Are willing to make necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support health and well-being.

Practicing natural health care with naturopathic medicine, I first investigate your health history thoroughly and listen to your concerns, desires and goals.

  • I may order blood tests, Genetic/Epigenetic mutation detection tests, hormone panels, allergy test, etc. to clarify and verify your symptoms and or diagnosis. If you have previously done tests and want a second opinion, I will be happy to give you one.
  • I formulate a treatment plan according to your full picture. If it is crucial that we make drastic changes to get you back on track expediently, or take baby steps will depend on you and the information we have gathered.

Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”

We work together in optimizing a diet and lifestyle  that suits you specifically.

Eventually, I hope you to Be Well.

I would like you to be fully restored, rejuvenated and replenished.  I believe health should be easy to come by once we remove obstacles.  Together we can create a balance in all things for you to enjoy your life to its fullest. Once you are balanced, you will know when you become off kilter, and with guidance or not, you will know how to get back on track.


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