About Virtual Appointments

Virtual AppointmentMTHFR, PMS, Menopausal Symptoms, Digestive disorders, Infertility, Cystitis, Weight Gain, Auto Immune disorders, Thyroid and Adrenal fatigue are only a few of the Conditions I have worked with through Virtual Appointments!



Have you gone to several doctors, spending your time, money and energy only to be given another med, increase a dose of a current med(s), and or to be referred to another doctor where they do the same thing?

And you still suffer with:

weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, depression, moodiness, pain, heavy and or irregular menstrual bleeding, no libido, night sweats, ETC!

It IS time to get off the hamster wheel of disease management.

I work VIRTUALLY just as well as I work in OFFICE

To work VIRTUALLY you will need:

  • A computer to access your patient portal to complete your intake forms and upload any recent lab results, and to go over your protocol.
  • A primary care or gynecologist to run labs and exams if need be.
  • A phone to receive my call at our appointed time. That’s it!

Schedule a Virtual Naturopathic Appointment Here

and save time, money and energy!  Check your dis-ease at the door.

Set your sails on a NEW course to

Health Freedom and  Adventure-

fulfilling your dreams, goals and aspirations

with your new found


I know how difficult it is to schedule time for office visits although they are sometimes necessary. With our virtual world and HIPAA compliant secure technology, I provide excellent naturopathic care with convenience. If necessary to physically see a doctor for a physical exam, etc, I will refer you to your gynecologist and or your primary care doctor. If need be, I will send you a lab order, or other diagnostic tests to track how your health is improving.

You will have 24/7 access to a HIPAA compliant Patient Portal to schedule, communicate and view lab work, etc.

Tend to your Wellness between work, kids

and or your active lifestyle  

with Your ND On The GO and Go To ND Expert

Schedule HERE to change the course of your health.

It is SIMPLE as that to change the course of your health.

Specializing in Women’s Health

Longevity and Preventive Medicine

Practicing Beyond Standard of Care Medicine…

My Passion, Purpose and Profession is to practice
the Best Naturopathic Medicine By: 
Eliminating the Cause of Disease,  Optimizing Your Hormones, Restoring Your Immunity, Rejuvenating Your Metabolism and Replenishing Your Health and Vitality.
Weight loss is Simple •  Pain / Inflammation Vanishes • Fatigue transforms into Energy • 
Hormone Swings become Balanced • Insomnia becomes nights of Deep Sleep 
Disease Becomes Wellness.

Dr. Bella K. Icenhower, sharing her Passion, Knowledge and Wisdom of  Naturopathic Medicine for over 20 years.

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I am Your Best Naturopathic Medical Doctor

  • In helping women learn how to care for themselves through the demands of life. I have found in my 12 years of practiceDr. Bella K. Icenhower, Best Women's Health Care
    that many women by the age of 50 are spent, tired, exhausted, depleted…  My desire is to catch women in their 20’s, 30′s and 40′s who may be headed down this spiraling path and redirect them, gently. With women in their 50′s and on, I help to Restore, Rejuvenate and Replenish their health and vitality. The body is amazing in its desire to heal and be well.
  •  In being available Globally, Virtually. With today’s universal access to the World Wide Web, I have made a Virtual Practice.  People are on the go and need easy access to naturopathic medicine that is tailored specifically and uniquely to them.  I work within the United States and around the world via FacetimeSkype, phone, and email. I order blood work as need be through your primary care or Ob/Gyn, or my order which you can take to any lab. Once our relationship is established, I will answer your quick questions and make recommendations accordingly.  For example, I may be working with you to resolve a chronic health issue (s), AND you are about to fly out of the country… what should you take to maintain healthy immunity?

I am at your beck and call; I am your personal, 

ND On The Go, and Go To ND, Naturopathic Doctor. 

Let me, provide for you, the Best Natural Health Care with Naturopathic Medicine.

Pearls to Impart- Dr. Bella K. Icenhower

637 S Bois D Arc Ave, Tyler, TEXAS 75701


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